1. I write 4 Act structure story outlines for feature films. How can I get the opportunity to pitch them to be produced?
  2. Fashion designers / Illustrators / Photographers / Writers…Head this way…
  3. Looking for a standby art director for a musically charged short film! Expenses only I'm afraid but if anyone is interested please msg me!
  4. Looking for experienced Sr Account Executives
  5. Hi all, Looking for a retoucher, can you contact me with rates, portfolio Thanks
  6. Benefit for Earthquake Aid in Turkey & Syria
  7. Hi all, I'm a visual artist based in SE London. I'm looking for a filmmaker to create a short film documenting my work/studio practice.
  8. Hello! I am looking for a degree-level apprenticeship. I am interested in the fields of media, marketing, art and design, and management.
  9. Hi! Can anyone give any suggestions for my personal website, any advice Including both mobile and PC Links here:
  10. Looking for model & photographer for 19th March
  11. New spaces available enquire with us today
  12. Brand new online magazine searching for independent brands to collaborate with and feature in our monthly issues.
  13. How to Buy percocet XR 10/325mg Online with PayPal?
  14. Hi! I am looking for a London based experienced Documentary Editor with artistic flair pref with knowledge of the black Caribbean community
  15. Preparing a proposal for a large cultural org (undisclosed budget)—any sources I could reference to better estimate costs/pricing structure?
  16. Aの38 is introducing three great female artists, who delicate promoting world peace. Explore their contributions link below
  17. I'm a motion designer (2D+3D) available from next week. Hmu if you have a project!
  18. Hi! I'm looking for a domestic sewing machine and overlocker repairer that is based near/ in NW London. TIA
  19. I am looking for a videographer to film a corporate event, in central London next week and the week after.
  20. pls I just want a creative job to break into the creative industry; gain more experience and quit my Sainsburys job is that too much to ask
  21. Golden Core Studios has opened up a studio in the east midlands! Drop us a message if you need to hire a studio!
  22. Autistic? AuDHD-er? Neurospicy? This event is for you - open to read x
  23. I am looking for a technical co-founder to join me on this project and also a marketing co-founder.
  24. Calling all Working- Class Youths! - Interviews for upcoming Zine.