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  2. Calling all next-generation creatives! The Originals Creator Network is back, with adidas. Want to be part of it? Apply here
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  4. Would love to connect with up& coming Production Designers working in theatre for a project- preferably a Black African Woman
  5. looking for an art director or events production student to help me plan a fashion brand catwalk !
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  7. Keen to work in digital, advertising, or marketing but don’t know what role you are looking for? Apply for our free two-week course.
  8. Model urgently needed for a photoshoot on a collaboration /portfolio basis on the 3rd of July at 2 pm, size 8 approx.
  9. Seeking New Opportunities and Feedback!
  11. Looking for skilled producers able to make dancehall/pop music.
  12. Play and Creativity - insights from John Cleese on the spirit of play when we are trying create . . .
  13. Looking for fashion photographers to interview + shadow (BTS pictures) for a project. London based, can travel, until July 20th. DM me!
  14. I’m a womenswear designer and freelance illustrator. I am open to new projects, jobs and collaborations.
  15. Any fellow press/fashion/artist/photographer folk also heading down to Glastonbury today?
  16. Looking for make up artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist interested in building their portfolio. I’m a photographer looking to collab
  17. Looking to network with general creatives in the music/fashion industry
  18. I am on the hunt for awesome directors!
  19. Donate for a beautiful photography graduation exhibition in Rotterdam!
  20. Modelling call out
  21. Makeup artist & Hairstylist needed this Saturday (24 June) in London.
  22. Arts writer available for commisions! Offering: 🪄creative writing 📚catalog essays 📇reviews 📰articles & basically anything art related DM
  23. MUA needed for a TFP editorial outdoor test shoot in Hollow Ponds in London, on the 1st July. Concept: Forest and Lake fairies. CLOSED
  24. Please help by completing this questionnaire on having your photograph taken. It will only take 2 minutes max.