1. Brand new online magazine searching for independent brands to collaborate with and feature in our monthly issues.
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  3. Hi! I am looking for a London based experienced Documentary Editor with artistic flair pref with knowledge of the black Caribbean community
  4. Preparing a proposal for a large cultural org (undisclosed budget)—any sources I could reference to better estimate costs/pricing structure?
  5. Aの38 is introducing three great female artists, who delicate promoting world peace. Explore their contributions link below
  6. I'm a motion designer (2D+3D) available from next week. Hmu if you have a project!
  7. Hi! I'm looking for a domestic sewing machine and overlocker repairer that is based near/ in NW London. TIA
  8. I am looking for a videographer to film a corporate event, in central London next week and the week after.
  9. pls I just want a creative job to break into the creative industry; gain more experience and quit my Sainsburys job is that too much to ask
  10. Golden Core Studios has opened up a studio in the east midlands! Drop us a message if you need to hire a studio!
  11. Autistic? AuDHD-er? Neurospicy? This event is for you - open to read x
  12. I am looking for a technical co-founder to join me on this project and also a marketing co-founder.
  13. Calling all Working- Class Youths! - Interviews for upcoming Zine.
  14. Looking for illustrators that are neurodivergent for a project i'm working on. Message me for more details
  15. Looking for models to test shoot on medium format camera. Manchester based.
  16. Looking for small fashion/streetwear brands to photograph free of charge @sam.s1nger
  17. Looking for Models and Stylist - London
  18. Looking for a female model for a photoshoot for a small vintage brand. Small fee. The brand is @ellapopshop
  19. People who are involved in creative community based projects & charity work hit me up - interviewing for my magazine :)
  20. Looking for a London based camera assistant for a short outdoor collaboration jewellery shoot!! Sunday 19th March.
  21. LONDNR Issue 07 OPEN-CALL 🚨 Want to see your work in print? We're doing call-outs for paid work from freelancer writers + photojournalists
  22. Live your best life, connect with Holly parker
  23. Looking for junior video editors, please email me at
  24. The Dots - Can I link a project to a company page and the individual team member that worked on them? Or do I just need to upload to both?