1. I am looking for a work on Film, TV and advertising industry. My experience is based on runner and production assistant.
  2. We're looking for designers who are experienced Klayviyo template designers.
  3. Africa: The Continent of Wild Nature Author: Stanislav Kondrashov
  4. Looking for a cinematographer based in Copenhagen, Ideally an fx6 or Fx9 owner. Dates TBC, message me or email me at
  5. Content marketing professions - interested in sharing insights?
  6. Where are the best places to look if I can't afford freelance memberships such as Mandy?
  7. Are you looking for a mentor to help you in the early stages of setting up and/or running a fashion SME?
  8. Is anyone I need of a photographer for editorials or campaign work ? If so message me!!
  9. Are you looking for a Creative Coach to help you transition or monetise your ideas/business?
  10. Looking for extras for a music video
  11. Mix/Mastering engineer here! Have some mixing time to fill, hit me up if you need quick turn arounds and a pro sound! 4m+ streams on Spotify
  12. I am audio engineer, currently looking for entry level work. what advice do you have for someone looking get work experience?
  13. What's experience have you been through networking, what advice could you give me. (Creative industry)
  14. Help finding freelance copywriting work
  16. URGENT ! Looking for a photographer for a shoot this afternoon (around 3pm) in Tottenham
  17. Science Museum Group are recruiting for 2 Digital Producers for our Museums - one based in Manchester or Bradford, and one based in London
  18. URGENT looking for a 3D Motion Designer
  19. Buy Google Voice Accounts
  20. Buy Old Gmail Accounts
  21. Buy Verified PayPal Accounts
  22. Introducing a niche Vietnamese fashion label to the UK
  23. Buy Verified Neteller Accounts
  24. Buy Verified Payoneer Accounts