1. I am looking great and cool investor.
  2. Hey guys, I'm starting my own business (delivering creativity-enhancing workshops to corporate based on experimental art): 1/2
  3. Hello everyone, I’m looking for a stylist and makeup artist for Monday 21 for test shoot Bma model agency London based!
  4. Hi everyone! I have a remote graphic design company that is focused on designing brands from scratch.
  5. Hello everyone! Any advice on how to find any kind of creative job that would allow me to maintain a stay of about a month in London?
  6. Hey! I really want to connect and network with more amazing women in the creative industry. It would be awesome to discover new people!
  7. Hi looking for an Illustrator for a new Architecture Editorial Job! — closed now
  8. Any models and photographers looking to collaborate for a test shoot? (Milton Keynes/Bedford)
  9. Looking for CV feedback / review for the art industry
  10. Hi all, I am l looking for some graphic design internships/apprenticeships to gain more skills in this particular sector.
  11. #SleepOutToEYH
  12. Have u checked my Instagram for art? @ti_leoni
  13. Hello Everyone, I need an Assistant photographer to help me with the lightning in Studio on Tuesday 30 November for some model atest shoot
  14. Music Wanted Any musicians/composers interested,collaborating on film demo type videos as soundtrack? Please email
  15. Hi! Any of you, creators, interested in collaborations? I am a freelance music composer direly looking for work.
  16. Looking for an art director who can help with startup logo and visual identity (small budget). Parenting/ Gift box space.
  17. Surrender Sundays' newsletter launching tomorrow. Subscribe here:
  18. Surrender Sundays' newsletter launching tomorrow. Subscribe here:
  19. I am an artist; singer, songwriter and rapper. Let me know if I can assist you in anyway
  20. Any creatives looking for a talent manager to help them get booked and busy?
  21. Are any stylists available to collaborate next week for a fashion editorial?
  22. Where can you go if you're a disabled person with questions about your workplace, career, or job?
  23. Looking for any part time/ freelance work that can help me get my foot into the fashion industry. I have a background in fine art.
  24. Looking for a mentor that can help me on my journey starting up a sustainable plus size brand!