1. Photo assistant/fashion assistant available in London
  2. Our Editors will be hosting a 6-week online course soon!! 👀
  3. Looking to collaborate with a freelance film editor for a mood film starting next week...
  5. Why do you need an E-Book as a blogger?
  6. Over the last few years, clients have had a preference for rougher, simpler looking storyboards to entice *their* clients into their pitch.
  7. Looking for interesting digital creative projects/resources that fall under the topic of decolonizing the climate crisis
  8. I’m looking to properly engage in freelance work. If any freelance editors have advice on how to progress, I would really appreciate it!
  9. Be featured on the Impact Report for the Creative Industry and Pop Culture
  10. Are you looking for a Freelance Senior Creative Project Manager?
  11. Looking for advice on how to network and market myself as a photographer? Please comment below if you can help :)
  12. Hey everyone, I am a British South Asian Photographer and I am interested in networking with other creatives! Please drop your ig below :)
  13. Looking for any feedback on my short documentary about wealth inequality!
  14. We're looking for a Leeds based Designer to join our Creative team!
  15. Costume Designer needed for a Music Video. Shoot day - 31st May (short turnover I know). Costume budget - £500+
  16. Hey! I am a photographer based in Ldn. Looking for a creatives, models, brands for TFP photoshoot on this weekend (27th-29th) DM pls! <3
  17. Hi, I'm Rick Lundeen a storyboard artist, working in advertising, film and comics. My website:
  18. Used envelopes wanted - including junk mail
  19. Looking for someone in brand partnerships/marketing/strategy for a wonderful new video content project similar to Genuis. pls message me!
  20. Dissertation
  21. Do you have experience on Fiverr? Is it worth signing up to as a freelance designer?
  22. Looking for a London based photographer for a full day ecom and campaign shoot for our Womenswear brand.
  23. Looking for freelance clients in need of a social media manager!
  24. Anyone looking for a workspace in East London? There's spaces available at our creative hub in Dalston!