1. Looking for a fashion stylist for a photoshoot
  2. Hi! I'm soon going to launch my own line of products, including merch and I am determined to find a company that can help me with it.
  3. I'm currently in an unusual position of having a gap in my working schedule. Here's my portfolio:
  4. Are you tired of figuring out the right social media image size for your posts?
  5. Looking for a gallery to exhibit my work and represent me. Area’s I’m interested in London Cotswolds Edinburgh Glasgow.
  6. AVAILABLE FREELANCE Social Media Manager & Content Creator
  7. Looking for a new workspace? If you’re looking for a new home for your creative business why not consider moving to Design District?
  8. DOMMUS ® Tarchiryet (new furniture project) is now live in my profile. Please, check it out.
  9. Hi Everyone - I’ve recently finished my portfolio. I’m now looking for a junior role within the fashion and textile industry.
  10. CSS animation of Logo
  11. Enquire with us today for LARGE studio spaces!
  12. Tips on how to get into presenting? It seems like it to so hard to find presenting jobs
  13. Book your tickets for Ellie Ramsden - who is the grant recipient of the 2021 TPF Photography Grant!
  14. Looking for a freelance position at a newspaper or magazine at entry- level.
  15. Looking for an E-Comm photographer with product/packshot experience and a studio in London.
  16. Looking for a Product Designer / Studio to work with on a limited edition mirror
  17. looking for filmmakers / directors!
  18. London based stylists/creatives : I am currently looking for more experience assisting stylists/creative directors.
  19. Any Gin Drinkers? I need your help!
  20. I’m offering 1:1 creative mentoring here for newbie copywriters / creatives:
  21. I'm available for freelance contracts across Copywriting, UX Writing or Brand Strategy.
  22. Hi there, I want to become artist
  23. Hi! Looking for a London based AR designer to start a project in April.
  24. After 4 projects being delayed, I'm open for freelance editing/writing, managing projects, or consultancy, either short or longer term