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  2. We're now recruiting for ACE IT's second cohort!
  3. A quick question for the group... How much would you charge to proofread a PhD thesis (approx 30,000 words)??? Asking for a friend. Thanks.
  4. On the look out for full time motion graphics, editor! LONDON BASED!
  5. Hi, I'm looking at developing my illustration skills, particularly fashion illustration. Does anyone know of useful courses or resources?
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  7. URGENT | Looking for an E-Commerce Web Designer
  8. Models/musicians (men and women!) wanted for test shoots in December
  9. Seeking Content Creators, Micro Influencers and more!
  10. Podcast editor / audio editor (paid opportunity)
  11. Hello! Are you interested in localising and selling your brand in South Korea? I would love to get involved!
  12. Hey, looking for a Sustainable MUA that can help on a shoot, working with brown and black skin tones for mid December!
  13. Good Morning! ☀️ Looking for a collage artist for a collaborative piece. Hit me up if keen and let’s make magic!
  14. Lf designers that want to help a small-scale family business in London.
  15. Im looking to photograph for a fashion or product shoot in London
  16. Bit of a basic question but does anyone have any tips to find a balance between full-time work (I work in retail) VS personal design time?
  17. Looking for any embroidery jobs, preferably interior textiles related around Sheffield
  18. Hey there, I am a German copywriter and journalist with many years of experience - is anybody looking for a Freelance German Copywriter?
  19. Hi, greetings from Panama, new in this platform. I'm a director, editor and advertising creative looking for a job.
  20. As of the 8th December I’m stepping into the world of a freelance retoucher! Now taking bookings for the start of 2022 ✨
  21. Hi all! Blaze Image is currently looking volunteers! We’re a small team looking for people who can help us with social media marketing.
  22. How many of you uses meditation as part of your creative process?
  23. Any Freelance Producers out there? SHIFT Active Media in Bath (sister company of PSN) is looking for someone!
  24. Would any freelancers or business owners with ADHD be willing to have a quick chat to provide advice on time/business management