1. Any Manchester based Runners available 28th April - 1st May for a Studio shoot? It's for an online advert across four days in central MCR.
  2. Are any actors based in Manchester available for a student short film project from 26th-29th April? Please let me know!
  3. Looking for a volunteer copywriter to help with a charity project
  4. Hi! Looking for a photographer for a TFP shoot in London tomorrow.
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  6. Video editors with animation experience
  7. Urgent: Looking for a sound mixer/designer for short film about Muslim creatives
  8. Be The Change East London for next generation talent to connect and network with industry contacts
  9. Hi! I’m looking for an entry F/T role where I can transfer my retail / customer service skills and enter the creative/ media industry…
  10. Great article by Kat de Sousa... What Percentage of Leads Turn Into Sales in The First Year of B2B?
  11. Anyone looking to update the profile picture I am available tomorrow 26th discounted rates
  12. Looking for female models (all ethnicities) UK 8-10 (around 25-28" waist) 5ft8 + 2 KSA BA Fashion photoshoots in Surrey on 9th and 13th May
  13. Fashion designers call 👗
  14. Looking for music composer for short fashion film!
  15. I am wondering where would be the best place to go to get some hands-on experience in regards to the storytelling part of animation?
  16. Looking for a podcast/blog to promote projects
  17. Seeking quotes from London-based graphic designers for a summer programming brochure
  18. Looking for someone who has a strong interest in fashion and TikTok for an ongoing project
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  21. ⚡️TOMORROW, 12:30pm: NFTs, Blockchain and Web3 - what this means for artists, creators and the creative industry! Free:
  22. In need of a GRAPHIC DESIGNER to design a poster and title card for a graduation film!
  23. We need a Russian speaking drama student 10-16 years old for an information film to be broadcast in Russia
  24. Do you write short stories? Are you working on a collection?