1. Marketing and PR help!!
  2. "Enter the Room" has recently won an award for Best Thriller Short Film at Green Island International Film Festival!!!
  3. We're currently looking to expand our list of freelance photographers we work with in Bristol (England) and Cardiff (Wales)...
  4. Short notice: Female Model for Halloween themed shoot in Berkshire!
  5. Create South East are having a live online Q&A for those interested in joining our 2nd programme cohort! September 5th 13:00-14:00
  6. Any UGC Creators out there? Lets connect!
  7. Sending INVOICE mood
  8. Looking for videographers in New York PAID!
  9. Stylist, Fashion Designer, Makeup and Hair artists needed!
  10. Any London based artists who are in need for assistant director/ BTS film photography for music videos?
  11. Looking for male and female models, with a streetwear aesthetic, available for a half-day shoot on September 26th in London.
  12. Any advice for starting out as a freelance videographer/editor? I have just purchased a Song A7iv
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  14. How do I break into the creative industries without any experience?
  15. "Enter the Room" has recently been selected as a Semi-Finalist at Melbourne Independent Film Festival and Atlanta Movie Awards!!!
  16. Hi, kinda new round here. I am a Graphic designer/illustrator/ problem solver. Any advice for someone trying to build up a client base?
  17. Looking for a videographer to cover 1 or 2 hours of a tattoo flash day event in London. The event is on the 16th of September.
  18. Would anyone be happy to listen to the album (Adolescence) I've posted in my projects and give honest feedback, advice, criticism?
  19. Any great Videographers on here - worked in short form film / commercials / music promos etc (any / all) and fancy a chat?
  20. Hi I am Melissa and I am looking for Graphic Design, Junior creative internships.
  21. My summer zine is being printed as I type this and it's a lovely one...
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