1. Is anyone interested in forming a group writing music reviews?
  2. how to join the illuminati
  3. Looking for models or any collaboration opportunities!
  4. I'm looking for a photographer to take some product shots
  5. Hello! I am urgently looking for a freelance Senior Brand manager to a 6 week project. Please feel free to connect if interested :-)
  6. I am looking for little house in the middle of nowhere ( cinematic look outside and inside) for music video. London surroundins +
  7. Looking for a make up artist for a TFP shoot this Friday 12th Nov in London area. Make up reference pic below.
  8. The first collection of art prints is available in my newly opened online shop. Thank you for your visit, A
  9. What are the best content creator tools? The ones that help you keep your independence.
  10. Any photographers/aspiring photographers willing to collaborate?
  11. Anybody able to provide feedback/critique on my current showcase of work on the-dots?
  12. MONOLOGUE MONDAYS 4 Week Showreel course for Actors!!
  13. ‘Monologue Mondays’ A 4 week course designed to develop and capture showreel material for actors!
  14. is anyone interested in a short course to capture a monologue for showreel material?
  15. Hi there! I'm looking for a videographer to cover a lifestyle event in December. Message me if interested, with website and budget (8 hours)
  16. Does anyone know of a hairstylist available for a TFP shoot?
  18. Emerging… I’m looking for collaborators. Clothing designers / clothing brands, stylists, videographers, cinematographers, Photographers.
  19. Sound Composer / Sound Editor needed! Portuguese Documentary.
  20. Looking for a motion graphics designer for a new project starting next week until mid December. Thanks in advance!
  21. Hello. I'm looking for freelance Multidisciplinary Designers based in the UK to work with. Please share your portfolios with
  22. Hello, any account execs out there - junior/mid level looking for a new role? Must have client/content marketing agency experience.
  23. Hello - I am wondering if any of you would be willing to share some great Dots profiles related to illustration? (AD, Illo Agencies, etc.)?
  24. Do you need any help with your podcast?