1. Are you a Production Designer experienced or wanting to work in film?
  2. Looking for a stylist/MUA in Paris
  3. We're looking to expand our roster of composers and sound designers we work with. Please email info@youth- with your details.
  4. Looking for a social media intern to work a couple days a week, help build up their experience and help manage fashion social media platform
  5. Do you have experience designing and building websites in Squarespace or Craft?
  6. Looking for work! Recent work - freelance Marketing Manager for KERB, Design District & Huutt. Food, interior, brand focused! Let's connect
  7. We're hiring!
  8. MUSIC VIDEO - 25TH JULY Require an inclusive cast - LGBTQIA+ / POC priority Location: Dalston PAID Contact @roisino_
  9. On the hunt for a Glasgow-based illustrator or muralist for a potential new brief.
  10. Looking for a videographer in Amsterdam
  11. 🗣 Queer couple call out to be part of my new project 🗣
  12. Working from home? We have the soundtrack to your working day on Big Satsuma radio... NO CURRENT CHART MUSIC...
  13. Hey looking for a contemporary black male dancer for a shoot on the 30th! (Collab) any recommendations?
  14. Can anyone recommend a freelance videographer / camera op that is based in Birmingham?
  15. How do you get a part-time job in retail if all your work experience is working in your creative specialism and nothing else?
  16. Looking for a specialist for the creation of a series of audiovisual installations
  17. Looking to collaborate with videographers. Short films, music video, any upcoming projects you may have!
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  19. Advice for someone who just got laid off?
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  21. Looking for designers with pink garments/accessories
  22. How do I break into my chosen creative field?
  23. Which are the biggest social media channels in UK? I am setting up accounts for a Swedish business who are trying out England soon.
  24. London-based Runner/ driver needed this weekend Friday 15th July - Tuesday 19th July Paid!