1. What if we didn’t celebrate the wins?
  2. Looking to build a fashion team to collaborate with me on the releases of my final collection- London based
  3. UX researchers with any capacity over August? Get in touch
  4. Hi I’m trying to do some paid or unpaid work to build my profile!! Please let me know!!!
  5. Are you looking for a Freelance Stylist or Art Director?
  6. Are you finding there aren't enough hours in the day? Bee Free Support is here to help. I have a few retainer slots left. DM me to discuss
  7. The jesus of illustration and graphic design is looking for a job. Must be in London yo
  8. Hello I'm looking for a fashion stylist for a music video shoot in Cambridge on Saturday 23rd July 2022.Paid opportunity. Anyone interested?
  9. What would you tell your 17-year-old self if you had the chance?
  10. Hello! I'm Jules and I am reaching out to connect and perhaps find out if there is any work I can help with.
  11. Anyone struggling to find talent?
  12. Give me a message on here or on my instagram @harrylydonart to do a collaboration project, open to all ideas.
  13. Hi! I am looking for a London based experienced Documentary Research Assistant, pref with some knowledge of the black Caribbean community.
  14. Any videographer interested in shooting a couple in-studio footage + freestyles? Saturday 9th July, 8pm-12am, London (studio tbc).
  15. I'd like to speak to female entrepreneurs
  16. I am running a selection of online writing workshops for new and emerging writers during July and August!
  17. Does anyone know any agents for colouring books?
  18. Does anyone have good examples of animated lookbooks, and portafoglios? I need some inspo . ( and which programs to use )
  19. My books for August are open!
  20. Hey fellow creatives! Looking for a mid/senior copywritter to team up with me for freelance gigs in London! Remote/on-site
  21. Hey, The Dots!
  22. London based 1 female and 1 male (both brunettes) needed for TEST SHOOT 19th July. Location: Hyde park - Italian gardens.
  23. How do you get comfortable with discomfort?
  24. What helps you when you feel like you're getting cabin fever?