1. 🗣 Queer couple call out to be part of my new project 🗣
  2. Working from home? We have the soundtrack to your working day on Big Satsuma radio... NO CURRENT CHART MUSIC...
  3. Hey looking for a contemporary black male dancer for a shoot on the 30th! (Collab) any recommendations?
  4. Can anyone recommend a freelance videographer / camera op that is based in Birmingham?
  5. How do you get a part-time job in retail if all your work experience is working in your creative specialism and nothing else?
  6. Looking for a specialist for the creation of a series of audiovisual installations
  7. Looking to collaborate with videographers. Short films, music video, any upcoming projects you may have!
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  9. Advice for someone who just got laid off?
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  11. Looking for designers with pink garments/accessories
  12. How do I break into my chosen creative field?
  13. Which are the biggest social media channels in UK? I am setting up accounts for a Swedish business who are trying out England soon.
  14. London-based Runner/ driver needed this weekend Friday 15th July - Tuesday 19th July Paid!
  15. Hi all, I'm looking for feedback/advice on the playlist-making for businesses? I would be grateful to connect with music curators. Thanks
  16. Just posted the first of the business tips for photographers. This is not about ƒ stops but how to get the job done.
  17. Looking for a freelance Social Media Manager / Exec to jump on a startup rocket! Get in touch ;)
  18. Looking for an experienced freelance UI web designer for a website and webapp rebranding project. Looking to start ASAP.
  19. I'm looking for a fab powerpoint designer to create a new (& usable) design for us. Anybody have recommendations to share?
  20. Looking for individuals with Scoliosis that are based in London for a personal project of mine
  21. Looking for poets / writers to collaborate on an animation
  22. Any young directors out there? Think your could direct a five camera music shoot? Need large crew experience? Version needs you - Let's talk
  23. Looking for 1 more camera op for Sunday 17th July for a 4 hour test shoot (unpaid - expenses covered)
  24. A loved webzine of mine. What do you think of this photography webzine?