1. Got any commissions for me to dive in and make some crackin creations? Hmu and let me know what's up Always eager to learn new skills 🔥🦅
  2. I am looking for 3D Designers for a number of exciting projects over the coming weeks and months.
  3. Does anyone know of any North London based fashion designers?Thanks!
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  5. Hi, I'd like to hear what do you think about my latest project which is 3D short video
  6. 4 Keys to a Successful Rebrand ✨🥂
  7. 4 Keys to a Successful Rebrand ✨🥂
  8. I need a room, in Glasgow, WITHOUT a view...
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  10. Any Marketing professional interested in skill swapping? :)
  11. Are you looking to join a community where you can network, see job opportunities and share your creative ideas?
  12. Looking to connect with other designers - get in touch via @bloomsburydesigns
  13. Looking for creatives in brighton that want to connect!!👀👀
  14. My name is Mihajlo Talevski, and I am from Macedonia I work as a web developer.One of my projects -
  15. Looking for marketers or people with experience in business development to increase sales and audience for our new editorial series.
  16. Looking for Glasgow based indie singers to collab with, hit me up if interested!!
  17. What's the best advice you've received about starting out in the arts?
  18. Looking for a videographer/photographer for TOMORROW to shoot in NW London. Working with a group of South Asian creatives- on collab basis.
  19. I want to collaborate with a hair and make up artist for wed 20th purely portfolio based
  20. Any live Sport's/Football photographer available for the May 1st? Paid Job. Send Portfolio please!
  21. Female Photographers, Videographers NEEDED to volunteer @RadiantFestival on 1st May. DM if interested. Thanks :)
  22. I'm a junior copywriter who's available for freelance opportunities!
  23. I'm in need of crochet flowers, leaves and vines!
  24. Is there anything in here for Americans?