1. Millennials! What makes a product or experience (whether digital or physical) feel 'luxury' mean to you?
  2. Morning / afternoon, is anyone looking for a Head of Brand / Creative ? Check out
  3. Moving to London in August and I’m looking to connect with people in the photography world :)
  4. Macro or Micro influencers? thoughts on success rates in fashion and lifestyle campaigns?
  5. My friend and I want to participate in Open House London Cultural Event, would anybody want to sightsee with us or could you give any tips?
  6. Magazines that take photography submissions???
  7. MØM ISSUE #4 Applications now OPEN !
  8. My mental health magazine MAN_AGE ( is seeking likeminded, brand-aligned companies looking to advertise. Who do you know?
  9. MODELS PLEASE - looking for models to photograph portraits either studio or natural
  10. Music composers for film - folk, jazz infused cinematic scores in your library... please hit me up! :D ASAP!
  11. My cover image won’t change on my profile?
  12. Multimedia Journalism grad in search of more experience with online and print publications... paid or unpaid, I just want to write!
  13. May I show you the value I bring to you and your team?
  14. My passion project EDEN zine is currently in production for issue 02 and we're looking for photographers!
  15. Mural space? Looking for an internal wall space in London that would benefit from a bright and vibrant new 'squiggly' mural (for free).
  16. Many of us have had excellent mentors, how do you guys go about personally maintaining and developing these relationships?
  18. My film has been selected to the Porto Fashion Film Festival. I am thinking about attending the festival. Have anyone been there before?
  19. My office's eco Secret Santa needs to be either homemade, recycled, an experience or act of kindness (£10 max). I'd love to hear your tips!
  20. Models and HMUA needed for a Fashion Shoot - Wednesday 11th December
  21. Moving to Amsterdam next month! Do you have suggestions for good art direction/graphic design communities or events?
  22. Moving to Reykjavík, any suggestion how to get freelance work in branding and creative networking?
  23. Mayó (A print publication offering mental health support) just got a new blog up! We would absolutely love volunteer writers on board.
  24. Model looking for more creatives to work with in the new year