1. New to freelancing, what is the most effective way to network?
  2. new here,n lives in lagos Nigeria.Strategic Procurement master(SPM) Looking for a Job in Procurement Field,who can help here please
  3. New to the-dots, looking for work in photography - editorial/ portraiture/styling. any tips, advice, contacts or jobs appreciated :)
  4. No Q, just an important message... 'Heading for extinction' ? Wanted to share this vid with you:
  5. Need a presenter, event host or journalist?
  6. Need any illustrations, small animations, or graphic design work? Feel free to contact me via here or the link. Let's collaborate!
  7. Need an Event Producer // Immediate Start
  8. Need a strong female copywriter for a sportswear brief (strategy stage). Interest in community and urban youth would be a strong benefit.
  9. NEED help asap short video I'm putting together! Seeking assistance from someone with experience with Premiere Pro
  10. Need advice getting started in freelancing and entering the community.
  11. Now open for internships Located in Peckham, London. You’ll be creating brand identities, social media artwork, guidelines, websites...
  12. Need a storyteller who has written for BAFTA and Oscar winners - for shorts, series or feature? Or a script Editor who works with the BFI?
  13. Need a HMUA and MALE ACTOR for a collaborative shoot this Saturday 23rd, 3pm-7pm EAST LONDON, travel expenses paid
  14. Need a female model to collaborate with on a fashion shoot. Size 6-8 5”6 - 5”8
  15. Need a CREATIVE LIGHTNING person for light designing an INDOOR POOL for a video shoot in LONDON
  16. NEW YEAR = NEW HUSTLE! Interested to try out a coworking space? Come down to Launch22 Poplar and show us this message for a free trial week!
  17. Next year I want to share my work at art fairs across London. What are some great art fairs to look into?
  18. New York art directors, producers, stylists, MUAHs, set designers, i will be in NY 17-19 February, anyone around to shoot/meet up?
  19. Need opinions and advice on how to scale a video production agency to generate over £1m in revenue / year.
  20. Need a dark skin model for an editorial shoot in Leicester for the 30/2/200 .... 12-5pm
  21. Not a question but I just wanted to share my new website with you guys - I'm finally bringing my side hustle to life
  22. Not a question but check out my new project some feedback would be much appreciated!!
  23. No luck finding my first job in the creative industry. Would really appreciate any feedback on my portfolio as I am really struggling.
  24. Need a freelance word press legend to help with a corporate website set up