1. need freelance graphic designer
  2. Need website help? If you need any help editing or building with WordPress / Elementor page builder I'm happy to help or give advice.
  3. Need eCommerce website for medicine industry..
  4. New cool project briefs for a content creative?
  5. need real estate website designer and developer.
  6. Needed: Brand Designer With Food Packaging Experience to redesign components for
  7. New email...yes! new job, you read: "It's to build up your portfolio" vs "paid job" How do we feel about this especially now?
  8. Need guidance on how to art direct and influence nondesigners
  9. New article! Please take a read and let me know your thoughts.
  10. Not sure what the deal is considering the covid situation, but any models looking for test shoots, feel free to message me
  11. Need a someone who can help illustrate/ storyboard.
  12. Next event: LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
  13. Need Web Developer for real estate portal drop your email id's.
  14. New to UX and UI. I am having to put together wireframes for a client. I need to know what is best practice for presentations.
  15. Need to speak to someone about digital publishing - we need to increase our knowledge and quickly esp. around protecting IP and security
  16. New in Forex? Master In Forex? Signal Provider or Account Manager?
  17. New animation/motion reel! Always happy to get feedback and critique.
  18. New mini-documentary series opportunity with Creatives, Artists and Musicians. Please get in touch if you would like to be featured
  19. Need a writer or editor who can help say what you want to say simply and clearly? Ask me! I'm looking for work!
  20. New freelancers, what are your biggest questions or concerns?
  21. New stuff on / Open for collaborations
  22. Need a Portfolio/CV review. (Via Email)
  23. Need more Tumblr thinking girls and Geniuses for my Instagrammmmm and my Creative space in general. So Punk!. with me.
  24. Need advice with going freelance?