1. Reasons to be unproductive.
  2. Recently Relaunched my website, I would love some feedback!
  3. Recently launched my print sales site. Let me know what you think :-)
  4. Recently submitted my creative for an open brief set by Major Players. Would be awesome to see your thoughts? Link & brief in description
  5. Rebranding and wanted a bit of constructive feedback on some logo ideas - can anyone help?
  6. Remote Vs Office Will remote working become the new standard?
  7. Recent fashion design/knitwear graduate, looking to collaborate to create some exciting projects! HMU!
  8. Recent fashion graduate looking into becoming a freelance writer but struggling with where to start. Any advice? :)
  9. Recent grad with a film and theatre degree, advice for work in the theatre and creative industry as its being affected by COVID
  10. Really In need for a director/camera operator for a small project won’t be paid but can be added to your portfolio :)
  11. Recent English literature and creative writing grad. Any advice on getting into the publishing/writing/journalism industry?
  12. Raise your hand if you’re a fan of Liverpool FC
  13. Researching games writing/narrative design, do young/new designers collaborate with writers or should I just create a portfolio of scripts?
  14. Recommend me HIGH QUALITY STOCK PHOTOS website please
  15. Recently updated my website. Im currently available for remote work, please check out my portfolio here
  16. Recent graduate in Fine Art. Looking for a job in gallery assisting, creative agency work, & freelancing or internship work in Photography.
  17. Recruiter & Investment Management is booming day by day, so it is a great carrier opportunity.
  18. Resume of Sumon paul, Biography, Photogallery, Activities, Creative Design , Font End Developer, Digital Marketing Banner design, Creative .
  19. Recent feedback on a client project, "Your designs are too clever". Therefore will be ending the contract! Anyone else expeirenced this?
  20. Recruiters - how important to you is it that a CV conveys personality through design?
  21. Recently finished a showreel, I'm open to working on any projects or jobs, within - Film editing - Producing - Photography - Film marketing
  22. Really want to get into PR and into the job role of being a publicist. Does anyone know any current internships or job opportunities?
  23. Research in to Dyslexia at work
  24. Recommendations for daylight studio spaces in London for live session video. Ideally larger spaces. X