1. Squeaky Pedal is looking for phone call thoughts on the current situation for a short film - email
  2. Share your career story - I'm looking for women to share their story in order to inspire others...
  3. Senior Freelance Copywriters - Surrey based for team up opportunities in Surrey, Hampshire and London.
  4. Seeking a graphic designer for the Jeans For Refugees campaign (
  5. Still looking for collaborators based in Europe (Germany), Finland/Sweden and the USA for a project about Self-isolation and COVID-19.
  6. Since we all indoors for a while, I would love to connect with more people from here via socials. My Instagram account is @nygi_xxv :)
  7. Students, grads and young creatives do you need help with your CV's? We'd love to help - email us on
  8. Subscription / Membership WordPress developer required for 2 days work.
  9. Since this quarantine, I have realised my discipline has become slack. So I wonder what others do for motivation during these times?
  10. Switching from sales manager in fashion to music?
  11. Switching from sales manager in fashion to music?
  13. Sound mixers with experience of/interest in podcast editing please get in touch if you'd like to get involved with the podcast!
  14. Starting a blog about HR work (e.g. Recruiting, development) and looking for guest authors who wants to contribute!
  15. Seeking social media content creator intern to collaborate with a successful podcast entitled "360 Yourself" featuring A/B list talent
  16. Seeking video footage of the world in lockdown - city streets, empty roads etc
  17. Seeking people based across UK, experienced in filming short-form branded video footage to a specific brief. Smartphone + DSLR set-up ideal
  18. Senior RTW Knitwear designer and creative looking for freelance projects from design and concept projects to garment alteration and creation
  19. Seeking full autonomy: If this RESONATES with you; there are 3 secrets I can share that you’ll need to start and grow your OWN business
  20. Submissions are open for a new zine →
  21. Suggestion for good books on criminal law in India.
  22. Submissions for MyBest, zine are open!
  23. Serious question: I realised today I need more silliness in my life. Boy-lesque is now in my life but what do people do to keep silly?
  24. Samsung Galaxy M21 Price Cut, Let’s know new price