1. Shout Out to all music artists! I'm having a Music/Dance Video Shoot.
  2. SECOND BIG PROJECT ALERT! Hey everyone! In need of a really good web developer/ web designer for an online mag! Hit me up if this is you
  3. SPM Machine manufacturer
  4. Self shots for a cool project!
  5. Setting up an Instagram zine dedicated to showcasing emerging artists from across the UK, looking for artists to spotlight.
  6. Social Media and marketing gururequired..
  7. Self shooting for a cool project!
  8. Suggestions for grants, residencies or support/help for vintage photography or curators?
  9. Self shooting for a cool project!
  10. Super excited to support Picto X The Bowery Mission by donating the below print for a print sale with all sales benefiting those in need!
  11. Since there’s such a wide range of backgrounds and a great pool of knowledge here, I would LOVE to hear any input from all of you!
  12. Stuck with Google Ads conversion?
  13. Social media management / account management jobs!
  14. Some words on the importance of being playful
  15. Seeking photo editors/3D designers to Photoshop my wallpaper realistically into photos. The photos are sometimes complex
  16. Soon-to-be graduate from Bristol University (predicted 1st) looking for any entry-level/ junior roles in digital media/advertising in LDN.
  17. Social Distancing? Is it good for Heart / Mind / Body? If so ...
  18. Sweet Cherry Publishing are hiring a Managing Editor!
  19. Seeking a short film script to direct as I'd like to add more narrative to my directing work and know how to make things so could help.
  20. Submissions open to self-identifying women and non-binary writers/artists to write a short reflection on an artwork
  21. Starting a podcast on consumerism, design and modern life. Anyone interested in sharing their work, thoughts and ideas? Let me know ✌
  22. Should I use this space to show my work besides photography like poetry? Would really love some advice on this
  23. SOS! Guys, your help is most needed!
  24. Searching for a paid internship or junior level position in illustration in London