1. The future of work is going to be different than what we've seen before. What are your biggest hopes and fears just around the corner?
  2. There is an app on IOS for The Dots, any update regarding a release date for an app for android?
  3. Take part in my blog?
  4. Thinking of doing an acrylic jewellery/accessory making masterclass covering digital design, laser cutting and production - interested?
  5. This seminars I enjoyed, but the tickets was sold out. Can I get the lecture notes or PPT of the keynote speaker?
  6. Taking bookings for mid-October through to November for fashion styling, producing and art direction/set design jobs.
  7. Textile Design graduate specialising in print design and illustration looking for an entry level job based in London.
  8. Tomorrow and thursday in London. Want to meet people in fashion there. Are you working at a designer brand? Can we meet? Open to anything!
  9. The theme is female collaboration within Peckham I have created the first gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM zine would you like to contribute?
  10. To fellow UX Researchers and other UXers
  11. There is a desk for a Graphic Designer left in my Unit at Regents Studios, E8. Get in touch!
  12. Testshoot photographers for 2020
  13. The half Lebanese hotel employee you all love has more time for music now.... yay! Appreciate hookups, will return favours !
  14. Trying to grow my connection on LinkedIn, feel free to add me or comment yours :)
  15. The creative world feels really London-centric (to me) - where are you from and how do you work? more remotely, in studio etc?
  16. Tips on how to submit and publish your photography into magazines ?
  17. To fellow UXERS, what tools do you or company use to track your research participants?
  18. Techknit Footwear Workshops starting in January 2020!!
  19. This is my new project it’s a Facebook alternative and growing fast
  20. To kick off 2020 we’ve put together a list of 50 top companies to work for! Have we missed anyone incredible?
  21. Tips for a first time fashion week photographer..
  22. To celebrate our 4th Event happening in exactly a week, we’re giving away 2 tickets to Dots members!
  23. Trying to shift career to Stage production and visual Content for Concerts, tours etc. Anyone know what's the best way? best Agencies? thx
  24. Thanks for those who dm'd me, I have taken a couple of offers and will contact those who were interested perhaps a later time in the month