1. What's the best way we can help creatives during this challenging time?
  2. Work work work ...
  3. Would love to hear your playlist recommendations for those of us remote working... let's help keep spirits high and minds focused :-)
  4. We're offering FREE Skype portfolio reviews to third year photography students who have been affected by shows being cancelled.
  5. We are depending even more upon digital communities during these weird times. Has anyone seen any of note? Any music-related?
  6. While everyone is cooped up at home, could I have some advice on my portfolio? Struggling to find my first product design role since uni!
  7. We’re looking to grow our roster of freelance 2D & 3D animation directors at
  8. We are currently going for a project and looking for a Freelance Mid-Senior brand strategist, who is available?
  9. With the current situation, I need something to do at home - I am a photographer and videographer from London
  10. WAS Studios are looking for new people to work with - get in contact!
  11. Would anyone like to learn some calligraphy basics? I've created some work sheets and guides. Free like!
  12. We need all your help from the United Nations.
  13. Would anyone be interested in learning HTML and CSS?
  14. Would you be able to help these people? Product & Engineering team (~45 people) looking for new jobs
  15. What are fin-tech companies looking for when hiring a UI/ UX designer?
  16. Petition for compnay Directors to get help from the government
  17. Who is up for developing a mental health script inspired by personal challenges, battles and success?
  18. What would you propose in case that all politicians riders die?
  19. Wanting to connect with magazines/producers/photo editors etc
  20. What are your favourite passages about love from fiction novels written by women?
  21. What makes you laugh so hard you snort?
  22. What are the best online design events that already exist or have emerged recently? @Livetalkfrom is a great example!
  23. While at home and out of work!!! Can do things.
  24. Who has heard of by IDEO ? If you use it, what for mainly and how do you find it ?