1. What will employment in the Advertising industry look like after the pandemic?
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  3. We're looking for a female graphic designer to bring their creativity to a project focussed on elements of the female experience.
  4. What are you doing that's positive during this time?
  5. weare into ,TV Commercials, Corporate ,Documentaries,Feature films, Digital films, Motion Graphics, VFx, 2D & 3D looking for collabration
  6. Where to do my journalism internship?
  7. Why is everyone using Zoom? I suggest reading this medium article before you organise another zoom meet up. Other platforms Gotomeeting
  8. Which graphics tablet would you recommend for a beginner?
  9. WANTED Freelance Licensed Drone Operators in UK, Europe and beyond. Please email me for more info:
  10. What do you think of my small isolation project?
  11. What do you think of my small isolation project?
  12. What books would you recommend?
  13. Want to buy a video camera for low budget filmmaking
  14. When is the best time to be applying for positions and sending out my portfolio to companies given the current pandemic situation?
  15. What are some worth while portfolio sites to be on?
  16. Would anyone like to share the tactics of making brand visibility?
  17. What are the best entry-level (£80- £150) dynamic microphones for podcasting?
  18. We are looking to grow the artists following we have for future illustration/animation projects . Follow our Instagram to keep updated.
  19. What do you think ?
  20. What kinds of writing sample should I submit for an interview with a creative agency?
  21. Would you like to be in a short film that is being made to show the NHS how proud we are of them?
  22. Working on series "Production Postponed - Filmmaking behind the Pandemic" & searching for people from TV & Film who want to be interviewed?
  23. What is a typical freelance design hourly rate ?
  24. What do you think are the best ways to build stylist and Designer/PR relationships?