1. Would it be possible to have some feedback on my photography website? :) I'm a uni student
  2. WHAT WE DO ? Here to kill “advertisement blindness” We love to drive buzz, awareness and traction for brands. Providing 360 solutions.
  3. Wish to start my own food blog. Looking for Wordpress experts to help me with building the account. It's a paid opportunity. Thanks x
  4. Written my first script, was hoping anyone would be interested in reading this draft & giving honest feedback. 15-20 pages!
  5. We're looking for a Director of Product Design to join us in Berlin. If you are looking for purpose and some awesome colleagues, TRY US!
  6. We’re looking for designers who have experience creating packaging in the beverage industry. Project is in Germany, the team is global
  7. Wanting to chat to a Content creator/Social media manager for help with a new creative project
  8. Website is finally live!
  9. What is the best platform to upload films/videos longer than 5 minutes ( up to 30 mins) whilst retailing max video quality?
  10. What are your struggles, or ways of dealing with quarantine as a creative business or freelancer? :)
  11. what is modelling.....
  12. Who has a drone and is up for flying it in London?
  13. hey guys! just looking for some feedback on my website (portfolio). thank you for your time
  14. Which are the best places to find freelance work at the moment during the Coronavirus lockdown?
  15. What does self-care look like to you currently?
  16. WRITER AVAILABLE - I am available for commissioned work on critical pieces, poetry, short stories, editing / proof reading etc. :)
  17. What are the best cities in USA, to invest 500.000€ in real estate ?
  18. Will lack of work throughout the Covid era stunt my chances of employment? What will CD's be looking for in a candidate post-corona?
  19. What do you guys think about my latest video portrait? I love hearing thoughts and opinions.
  20. What podcast apps do you use?
  21. What are your favourite radio shows/podcasts for background noise whilst working from home? (preferably talking, not music)
  22. We’re looking for VR developer for a luxury goods brand
  23. We’re looking for a heavyweight Creative Director preferably with healthcare experience and availability to join the team this week.
  24. We are on the lookout for some fresh imagery for our new website!