1. What do you miss the most? I really miss meeting people on shoots!
  2. Which is the best/most popular advanced UI prototyping tool on the market? (Besides Invison) Thats worth the time spent learning?
  3. What do you need most right now?
  4. What are the best ways to leverage curriculum development and marketing skills for writing and editorial positions?
  5. Willing to help people who struggle in the crisis, but not sure where to start? Ping me as we’re launching a one-week programme of actions!
  6. What are some of the best events you have joined in the past few weeks? I'd love to know what makes a digital experience shine :-)
  7. What made you want to pursue art?
  8. What unique websites/software have you been using to socialise or play games with friends and family during lockdown?
  9. We're looking for some amazing creative minds who would be willing to give advice to entry-level talent.
  10. What’s the most fun an creative arts and crafts project you can think of to do for mother’s day?
  11. What skills have you learnt during this lockdown period that have nothing to do with your field of industry?
  12. Writing can be so isolating, and sometimes, even lonely. So how are my fellow copywriters/journalists/poets/ content creators feeling?
  13. Which “no code” tools (e.g. Notion, Coda etc) are the most popular with product people out there?
  14. When was the last time you updated your digital marketing skills?
  15. What is your favourite poems book?
  16. What are some typography books that you'd recommend? Some that show the process and how letter are made ?
  17. Why did you decide to pursue a career in events?
  18. What do you use to get book recommendations?
  19. We're looking for a Director who represents Youth Culture. Someone who can think like and speak to Gen Z because they are that audience.
  20. We have a beautiful script for a 90 seconds animation short/music video. We're looking for a talented cgi artist/animator or studio.
  21. What the first step of the home buying process?
  22. Wanting to start a side project and hitting a wall?
  23. ways to bring traffic to a wordpress blog (it's a free one, if that matters)
  24. We're a new print magazine launching this month and have offered free advertising to brands. Anyone know the rules/guidelines for these ads?