1. Who else is loving The Dots? For me it is kicking LinkedIn into the stone age!! The community feel it is bringing!
  2. What website is the best for uploading/creating a personal portfolio?
  3. Whats keeping you inspired & how are you doing?
  4. Writing, poetry and mental well being survey!
  5. Who wants free ebook on 1: Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2: Advanced SEO Techniques 3: High Ticket Marketing Secrets
  6. We're giving away £25 GIFT CARDS and Brewery Tasting Tours from our friends at Five Points Brewing to our subscribers this week!
  7. We're currently on furlough in the film industry and trying to gauge a good time to come back. What's people's views on the industry?
  8. Would love your feedback! My portfolio is - can we work together
  9. What meditation/mindfulness apps & podcasts have you tried and enjoyed? (that are not Calm or Headspace - I’m looking to mix things up). Thx
  10. Would any illustrators/artists like to connect on Instagram?
  11. We'd love to know how we can support the entry community by filling out the form:
  12. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  13. What are the three most important things in a good client/freelancer relationship
  14. Would anyone be interested in designing book sleeves for the set design of a short film? Please get in touch :)
  15. What do you think about the landing page of
  16. which erectile dysfunction drug is best?
  17. Would you like some free advice on networking and getting the most out of LinkedIn? If so, tune in to @thisisintern on Insta at 1pm tomorrow
  18. Web developers. I’m looking for an individual with basic web development ability, preferably based in London.
  19. Wanting to update my cv with more graphic design/illustration work. Where can I find one time projects or volunteer design work?
  20. What do your perfect workspaces look like?
  21. Want to contribute visually to an ongoing exploration of the body? Submissions will be featured in an online exhibition and IRL display.
  22. What type of TV Series do we want to see in the U.K. ?
  23. What are your team's main challenges in remote work?
  24. We are looking for a website developer for our new creative website. Paid! Kindly email your interest/portfolio to: