1. Working within the creative industry which social platforms allow you to receive the most engagement with your customers/followers?
  2. Whats your method to combat procrastination? I am currently preparing for our degree exhibition and struggling.
  3. What do you think about partnership on some project, where one person looking for another creative person to help with project for free?
  4. What is the one obstacle, challenge or problem that if you were to overcome it, it would get you closer to where you want to be?
  5. What are some collectives you respect and admire?
  6. What advice would you have given to yourself 10 years ago?
  7. What's your favourite book on Creative Process or Self Development?
  8. who's in paris this weekend?
  9. Would love to know if anyone can help with an introduction to a person working in the Marketing team with Google Pixel? #TeamPixel
  10. Where are my retouchers at? Preferably fashion and beauty with the ability to achieve natural skin texture.
  11. What is the one piece of work you've done that you're most proud of?
  12. What do you think of my work?
  13. Would anyone be interested in participating in a collaborative exhibition about textile hallucinations?
  14. What do you prefer to use as a photographer in your work (Both Personal and Professionally): Shooting Film or with a Digital Camera?
  15. Who posts the projects on the Dots? Is it a commissioner or whoever worked on them?
  16. Would 35 creatives be willing to get involved in 36 days of type with me? Would be to track, team up and collaborate!
  17. What's your most unusual source of influence or inspiration?
  18. When did you realise that you wanted to become a Designer?
  19. What do you feel about unpaid feelance work where you can get ‘exposure’?
  20. What will be your answer on this question: "What was the last gift you gave someone?"
  21. Where can I make a post to invite companys to do taster workshops with me?
  22. Will be in London soon for African fashion week London! And I want to do a pop up sale and a photoshoot of my last project ? Any contact ?
  23. Who here has experience in creating icons for apps and would like to work with me on a project? (payment is involved) Drop me a message...
  24. When the project cycle ends?