1. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for graduate schemes abroad?
  2. We are seeking a #Producer to help produce a short #animated #doc about women on the ASD spectrum (#neurodiversity).
  3. What's your great design story?
  4. What's the one book on 'creativity' that you would recommend to everyone?
  5. What are the hardest things about moving to a new country?
  6. Who is interested to be part of Social Media Marketing Support Group?
  7. What advice would you give your younger creative self?
  8. What would you say the African creative space lacks?
  9. What creative/cultural/art/tech institutions would you like to see more events posted from, on The Dots' events hub?
  10. Who would like to attend the private view for my first curatorial artistic project ‘the end is nigh’ ?
  11. Who needs to employ someone with an in-depth knowledge of colour psychology, for branding or communication?
  12. would anyone like to have their portrait drawn? I work from both photos and life. please email if you are interested!
  13. Which city have you been to that has inspired your work the most?
  14. We are looking for experienced web developers to work on our upcoming website revamp. Please get in touch!
  15. What’s the difference between pure creativity and applied creativity? Why is it important?
  16. What was your last creative challenge? How did you fix it?
  17. What impression do you get from my online portfolio? I'm a recent graduate and would like to know if I've succeeded at marketing myself.
  18. What socially useful personal project/side hustle would you build as a web developer? What type of project and what about?
  19. What Art/Cultural projects in your community are you involved with?
  20. Who knows of great affordable studio space for late evenings ?
  21. We are having a diversity in VR event next week a& looking for a female exhibitor for 24th Sept 6pm Liverpool Street, by Like Minded Females
  22. Who prefers Squarespace over Wordpress and Shopify for brand websites and e-comm, and why?
  23. Would anyone be willing to speak to me about event planning?
  24. What are you looking forward to achieving in 2020? Let's inspire each other ;)