1. Would anyone be willing to speak to me about event planning?
  2. What are you looking forward to achieving in 2020? Let's inspire each other ;)
  3. What was the best creative or career-based event you've been to this year? We'd love to help promote them.
  4. Who’s on LinkedIn? Let’s connect there too ;)
  5. Web developer in London?
  6. Would anyone be willing to help me advertise for my event? Ideally with marketing/advertising/event promotion experience. Please let me know
  7. We want to team up with an animation studio to deliver some exciting projects! Contact us on if interested!
  8. What Black History Month events in London are you going to? I'm looking for good events to go to
  9. We’re looking for an animator to work on a retro game inspired, pixelated short for a client of ours to use for an event in December.
  10. Would anyone be interested in doing a test shoot for their portfolio in London? Looking for hair/make-up/stylists
  11. Would anyone be interested in doing a test shoot in London? Looking for Hair/ MUA/ Stylists :)
  12. When taking pictures for headshots, if using a backdrop what is the best colour to go for?
  13. Would like to be part of this. Is there any more info regarding this. Instagram : dnrcaptures
  14. Would love to find a team of creatives to collaborate on a sustainability series
  15. Would like to collaborate @grazyna_gudejko Best
  16. What do companies hate about creative (branding) agencies?
  17. We're looking for a VFX artist/student for a BBC film commission! It's a 5min satire about society sponsored by BBC Arts & Arts Council.
  18. What is the usual hour pricing rate for freelance junior graphic designer ( in London if I need to be specific)?
  19. We’ve just moved to Newcastle & would like to meet local freelance graphic designers skilled in digital, animation & print design.
  20. Want to win a ticket to gain access to the County Living Fair in London between the 13th - 17th November? Last day to enter 28th October
  21. What's the best advice you've had on pitching your ideas for funding?
  22. What are some of your fears as a creative?
  23. We are looking for LGBT+ friendly brands to nominate for the British LGBT Awards 2020. Nominations close 22 November. Any help wd b fab :)
  24. We're looking for spaces were we can potentially record our podcast in?