1. What is the usual hour pricing rate for freelance junior graphic designer ( in London if I need to be specific)?
  2. We’ve just moved to Newcastle & would like to meet local freelance graphic designers skilled in digital, animation & print design.
  3. Want to win a ticket to gain access to the County Living Fair in London between the 13th - 17th November? Last day to enter 28th October
  4. What's the best advice you've had on pitching your ideas for funding?
  5. What are some of your fears as a creative?
  6. We are looking for LGBT+ friendly brands to nominate for the British LGBT Awards 2020. Nominations close 22 November. Any help wd b fab :)
  7. We're looking for spaces were we can potentially record our podcast in?
  8. Working on A Short film, does anyone have access to E-mount Cine Prime lenses that I could use for Test shoot/recce in the upcoming weeks?
  9. We're looking for a freelance financial expert to develop financial projections for a luxury goods startup.
  10. Workshops in image consulting - Be your best one to one coaching sessions Wardrobe revamp Body Morphology Personal Shopping
  11. We're looking for freelance junior designers
  12. We are looking for a Sound Assistant on the 27th November for an Interview shot of the designer Georgia Hardinge here in London.
  13. Who would like to come and see 55 artists from 16 countries, 4 continents with 3 performances for free in London?
  14. We are an Afro Hair and Beauty company. We distribute brands such as Creme of Nature and Revlon Realistic.
  15. We are looking for a video editor based in London that is fluent in Japanese and English. Do you know anyone or are interested?
  16. Would love to connect with more creatives on Twitter @ameliacmarriott
  17. We are looking for a make up artist available for a shoot on the 27th of November ?
  18. Who works in the comic books industry? Can we be friends? I would love to collab on a comic book project one day.