1. Yo! I'm looking to fill these positions: Staff Writer Publishing Agent Marketing Strategist More info, CV's ->
  2. YOUNG CREATIVE IN LONDON! Any advice/recommendations?
  3. Yo yo, looking for any DOP's for two upcoming music videos. One paid, one unpaid. Cheers x
  4. Yo I am looking for artists to film their music videos. Never made one but I like avant garde stuff like the one on the link. Thanks
  5. Your input on Neo-Noir Illustrator Portfolio?
  6. You a London artist/creative industry professional financially affected by the pandemic? Do you need help? Do you want to help these guys?
  7. YouTube Video Editor
  8. Young writers needed for a collection of essays.
  9. Young Creatives in London, I’m thinking of starting a fun, friendly monthly meet-up for us (after covid-19)! Would anyone like to join?
  10. yes. Makerversity
  11. Yesterdays live talk with motorsports photographer Frits van Eldik from Holland was a blast!
  12. YOGI’S: What are your favourite yoga poses? I’m doing a poster design & want to get a general consensus from perspectives other than my own!
  13. YouTube video editor wanted for a collab & willing to build a good relationship Paid work will be offered after.
  14. Youth owned street-wear brand in need of Graphic Designer or Illustrator for SS/20 collection - are you interested? Let’s collaborate ✍️
  15. Youth owned street-wear brand in need of web developer for a SS/20 collection drop - are you interested? Do you know anyone?
  16. You can use live TV streaming services like Sling TV and Hulu Live TV, including the ESPN app. Subscribe to these packages, pay your bucks,
  17. You are invited to watch a live session in DIVE app on Thursday 13th August at 18h CEST to know more about Origenal Story!
  18. You know what really annoys me, the fact that just when I finished my Masters Covid-19 decides to turn up. Like what is life
  19. You are invited.
  20. You can follow me on Instagram @victor_manuel_designs to see more content follow me so I can also see your creativity I will follow you
  22. You Can get Cracked Software For windows & mac Free Downlaod Check my webpage
  23. Yooo wassup, I recently moved to london and I don't know nobody yet, so what about some collabs? I do photography, video and design :)
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