1. Survival & Hope in New York City, with Andrea Elliot, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer
  2. Identify your Life Dominant Drivers with Zestivo
  3. Immerse UK x Imagination Virtual Production Series: The Future of Live Experiences
  4. An introduction to the Australian Sector for UK artists & organisations with APAM
  5. Getting Your Sh*t Together For 2022
  6. Find your Purpose - Virtual Workshop
  7. Evening class on Modern and Contemporary African art
  8. Winning Your Dream Clients with Cold Outreach
  9. The Importance of Work, Life & Love Balance with Love HQ
  10. Pilates: Move, Mobilise & Meditate - Pilates Class with Audrey O’Connor
  11. 3 Steps to Ensure Maximum Buy-In for Your Wellness Program with The Fox of Life
  12. The Accidental Leader with Aoife Donovan Lee
  13. Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation with Grace Tempany
  14. StartUp 2022: The UK's biggest start-up show of the new year
  15. Starting out: What do you want to write about and why?
  16. Cultural intelligence coaching: The Systems Sceptic
  17. Leadership eXchange Forum – conference exploring leadership in tech
  18. Fireside Chat Webinar: Deconstructing Digital Inclusion
  19. Immersive experience: Orchids After Hours
  20. Louise Bourgeois: The Woven Child exhibition
  21. Word Power Webinar with Cecilia Knapp & Adisa the Verbalizer
  22. Free — Kickstart Your Career in Data
  23. CSS “Toolkits” with Stephanie Eckles & Hidde de Vries
  24. Surrealism beyond borders exhibition