1. Lunchtime Lecture: Re:Imagining Musicals
  2. Webinar: Building an Online Store Using Shopify
  3. Lone Design Club-The Club Apartment:A Lifestyle Store of Independent Brands
  4. The Robots Are Coming : How is AI Impacting the Creative Industries?
  5. 3D VFX Taster Day
  6. Creative Coding with Vera van de Seyp (Online)
  7. SuperCondensed: Typocircle Student Festival
  8. Easter Workshop - Create a Comic Strip
  9. Book Launch: Strange Attractor Journal Five
  10. The 8 biggest mistakes contractors make when seeking contract work
  11. Using Video Bios to promote your contractor or freelance business
  12. Trusted Partner or Willing Servant? Growing your business with high-value work
  13. Leveraging your knowledge to develop multiple revenue streams
  14. How to optimise your IPSE member directory profile to attract more opportunities
  15. Mortgages Made Easy - Getting the right mortgage deal when self-employed
  16. TheUXConf 2023 in London and online
  17. HR: From Entrepreneur to Employer - Free Masterclass
  18. Free GDPR Compliance Masterclass
  19. Free Fundraising Masterclass
  20. Book Club with Douglas Stuart
  21. Art Unlocked: The Stained Glass Museum
  22. Talk: Curating Art in Challenging Times
  24. Barnabas Presents: Don Letts