1. Women’s Retreat NSW
  2. Fantasy Literature and Production Design
  3. TV Preview: Alice & Jack
  4. British Sign Language (BSL) tour: The art of Renaissance Venice
  5. Year of the Dragon Indigo Embroidery Workshop
  6. Group Therapy (Monday Block)
  7. Ukie Hub Crawl Birmingham - Local Action:Global Ambition
  8. Starting and Building a Career in Product Management
  9. How to Run an Impact Audit
  10. In conversation with Carey Mulligan
  12. Socioeconomic diversity and governance
  13. Monthly Wordpress Drop-Ins
  14. Audio Art: Utterly in the picture: Titian’s 'The Death of Actaeon'
  15. Mervyn Peake: Writer and Artist
  16. Mythical Objects with Hannah Lim
  17. Confidence - Professional Workshop
  18. Ukie Hub Crawl Leeds - Local Action:Global Ambition
  19. Design Transforms | Shama Rahman
  20. Software Engineering Intro Day
  21. Data Science Intro Day
  22. UX Design Intro Day
  23. How to Practise Self-Care in a Modern World
  24. Starting and Building a Career in Digital Marketing