1. Free Intro to Instagram Marketing
  2. New World of New Biz: How to do business differently in 2022
  3. UNIQLO Furoshiki Workshop – traditional Japanese gift wrapping
  4. Art Unlocked: Inside the Government Art Collection
  5. Arwa Mahdawi: Lessons from women in power
  6. IJO Morning Skincare: Workshop with founder Iman Jouali
  7. Nicer Tuesdays with Anthony Burrill, Catty Tay, Olivia Twist, Fa & Fon
  8. Way Too New: Community Event with We Are Social
  9. Transformative Futures online: Cassie Thornton: Tiny little radical acts workshop
  10. Inside 2022: The 4 Trends That Will Define the Year Ahead
  11. How to Avoid Freelancer Burnout
  12. Freelance Survival Guide: Funding Your Film As A Freelancer
  13. Cultivating Happiness
  14. Masterclass: Creating the Visual World of Sex Education, supported by TCL Mobile
  15. Introduction to Creative group journaling
  16. Introduction to creative group journaling
  17. Introduction to Creative Group Journaling
  18. How to make a difference as a leader?
  19. Right Aligned Online: In conversation with Ogre Studio
  20. Peking Opera: Sacrifice
  21. Emily Ratajkowski: Introducing her new essay collection, My Body
  22. Boiler Room x Barbican: contemporary UK live music with performances by six rising stars
  23. Decarbonisation déjà vu: what can we learn from the past when it comes to decarbonising homes today?