2. Create your own interactive Christmas jumper
  3. Crafted Future: The Future of The Web
  4. RECONVENE Sessions: How COVID Made Us Rethink Space
  5. Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s-now
  6. Papier Book Club with Emily Ratajkowski Author of My Body
  7. 11.12. The other royal route | 3x fashion with social impact & market
  8. Portfolio or Showreel Clinic
  9. Blockchain x Art by Central Saint Martins
  10. How to Develop Self-Knowledge – Virtual Class
  11. My Type of Revolution exhibition
  12. The Other Royal Route | 3 ethical fashion brands | live talks + pop-up shop
  13. The Modest Fashion Movement Webinar
  14. Art and Health in a Pandemic Webinar
  15. An Introduction to British Youth Subcultures Webinar
  16. BIMA Hangout | The Changing Relationship Between the Employer and Employee
  17. Expert Outlook 2022: Mindset #1 – The Cultural Steward
  18. Google Cloud’s Diverse Voices series: Open Sourcing Google’s Culture
  19. System change, not climate change - what after COP26?
  20. FAUZIA: Installation – audiovisual installation retelling the history of Somalia
  21. Fashion Talks: Q&A Session with Eshita Kabra founder & CEO of By Rotation
  22. She Means Business: Establish your presence on Facebook & Instagram
  23. Free Intro to UX Design | Online Class
  24. Public Knowledge: Document Your Culture with DJ Emma Warren