1. Developing Your Idea
  2. Working with a Producer
  3. Film Fund
  4. Expert Outlook 2022: Meet the mindsets
  5. Animation Club
  6. Self-Made Series: Building Your Community
  7. Self-Made Series: Creating A Website
  9. Self-Made Series: Creative Facilitation
  10. Pop-Up Co-Working Hub
  11. Music Producer Drop-In (18-25)
  12. Writing Your First Screenplay
  13. Clap For Yourself - End of Year Self-Reflection Workshop
  14. Poussin and the Dance exhibition
  15. The art of information design: A weekend data visualisation conference
  16. Everlasting Wreath Making Workshop with SAGE Flowers
  17. Free Intro to Coding | Online Class
  18. Barnabas Makers Series: Christmas Card Making
  19. Portfolio Review: Getting into animation
  20. Thriving in the Age of Digital Distraction with Digital Wellbeing
  21. Microsoft Excel: Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts with InvestinU
  22. Vinyasa Yoga Flow: Reset & Renew for 2022 with Carmel Doyle
  23. UX Design Intro Day with IBM, Harrods, TalkTalk & More
  24. Think Forward 2022 – trends in the digital landscape