1. Intro to Digital Marketing
  2. Spain and the Hispanic World
  3. Workshop with Debbie Levitt: Transforming Toward Customer-centricity
  4. Learn about how Arts Council England can fund your Visual Arts project
  5. Meet the Designer: Saz Mifsud
  6. Residents Engagement Forum
  7. Design Leadership: How to solve bigger problems and lead bigger teams
  8. Yoga at Bureau
  9. Nice Work featuring Combination Studio
  10. Free content creation & strategy Masterclass
  11. Hierarchies of Hate: Disinformation, discrimination and social media
  12. WERK – performance workshop with Ray Young
  13. Traces: Stories of Migration Finissage
  14. Connect To Meet Up Jan 23
  15. Festive Series: Aromatherapy Workshop: 20A
  16. How to get published in the media
  17. Art Unlocked: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum
  18. Collaborative IQ: How to lead in product management during uncertain times
  20. Family Cinema Club | Elf
  21. What Words Are Ours?
  22. Workshop: Street Photography with Emmanuel Cole
  23. The Emerging Artist: a soft unwrapping
  24. Webinar: How to tell your brand story and sell more