1. Workshop: Street Photography with Emmanuel Cole
  2. The Emerging Artist: a soft unwrapping
  3. Webinar: How to tell your brand story and sell more
  4. Surrealism and Design: From Dalí to AI
  5. Christmas at #TheClub: Closing Party
  6. Create Videos with YouTube
  7. Only Voice Remains: Making Collective Prophecies
  8. Finals, World Cup screening at Canteen
  10. Nicer Tuesdays: December
  11. Community Engagement for People & Planet: 22-23 Student Design
  12. UNIQLO Tate Play - Festive Postcard Workshop
  13. Reset. Restart: How to raise the money you need, now
  14. Free Seminar: Reaching New Buyers: How to Sell Your Fine-Art Photography
  15. The Power of Food with Earthling Ed
  16. A Christmas Carol with Gerald Dickens
  18. WePresent London launch
  19. Hey Duggee: The Live Theatre Show
  20. Christmas at #TheClub: Week 3 Celebration
  21. The 7th annual SIMMposium
  22. Meet the Founder: Fréya Hats South Africa
  23. Intro to Social Media Strategy
  24. Reset. Restart: Making your social media marketing pay