1. Digital Collage
  2. business.connected: How to plan your social media advertising on Facebook
  3. Collage Art Workshop
  4. Australia Trend Briefing 2022: The Great Acceleration
  5. Collage Art Workshop
  6. Mindfulness & Empowerment for a Better 2022
  7. Creative Connect
  8. Open Newsroom Workshop with gal-dem for ages18-25
  9. We Are History – Race, Colonialism & Climate Change
  10. A Collaboration Solution That Works for Everyone
  11. Free — Kickstart Your Career in Marketing
  13. Predictions Festival – Bring the future into focus
  14. Boost Your Time - Oliver Burkeman
  15. [RESET FEST] Get The Kickass Role You Want in 2022 with Spotify's Head of Creative Strategy
  16. How to Fail - Virtual Class
  17. Creative Coalition Festival - headline speakers include Henry Holland, Gaika & June Sarbong OBE
  18. Next Challenges - Launch of Service Design Challenge Labs
  19. Innovation Trends in CX
  20. Ogilvy On: Hope Creates Impact – Six shifts defining our new reality
  21. Putting your savings & investments to work for people and planet
  22. New Blood Webinar: Live brief insight with Superunion & Black Girl Gamers
  23. The New World of New Biz: the best tools & tactics to attract new business
  24. Getting into Product Design with Zendesk