1. #copywritersunite
  2. An Introduction to Britain's Kelp Forests and how to protect them with Ailsa McLellan
  3. TPF TALKS: Movember with Kenneth Lam
  4. Handmade Chelsea
  5. All Ears featuring 2D animator Lester Chan
  6. Designing for your future self: No time to waste
  7. Pitching, presentations and making an Impact
  8. Building your brand, self-promotion and maintaining a strong network
  9. Breaking into the Creative Industry: Resilience, Self worth and Confidence
  10. An evening with Damon Galgut, winner of the 2021 Booker Prize
  11. Online Talk: award-winning costume designer Sandy Powell in Conversation
  12. Kinema Junpo and Film Criticism in Japan: In Conversation with Yuko Sekiguchi
  13. Social Media on a Budget Workshop
  14. Salary Negotiation Workshop
  15. How to Fail - Virtual Class
  16. Winning Together – Navigating The New Business Landscape
  17. Transformative Futures Online: Adam Farah learn about their practice & re-purposing the everyday
  18. Seaweed developing workshops with 16mm film and photography with Melanie King and Julia Park
  19. Free Masterclass with director Dan Attias – Leader of the pack: Running a set as a director
  20. Stories from the TOTON studio: garments from design and conception
  21. Hack your Carbon Footprint – Hackathon
  22. Pep Talk: Artist and creative coder, Zach Lieberman
  23. Shiny Awards
  24. Walk The Talk