1. The Guiding Principles of Departmental Budgeting
  2. Reporting from the Front Line: Telling the Stories of Climate Change
  3. Free Event with Facebook — Kickstart Your Career in Marketing
  4. In conversation with Holly-Marie Cato | Leica Ambassador
  5. Postgrad LIVE
  6. Getting Over Gas: Taking the hassle out of the switch to low carbon heating
  7. Design with the Living 2021
  8. How Black literature changed Britain
  9. Lone Design Club X INTERLACED / Business Models for a Sustainable Future
  10. I have 99 problems, but lacking freelancing tools ain't one!
  11. Tate Lates – a mix of art, film, conversation & food
  13. Master watercolour: An online workshop with Katie Rose Johnston
  14. business.connected: How to plan your social media content for 2022
  15. Exclusive Q&A, book signing & DJ with soul icon Jazzie B
  16. Hélène Binet in conversation on architecture & music
  17. Workshop with IRO IRO – create your own zero-waste jacket or bag
  18. Branding: Beyond Visuals | Learn How to Build Your Brand
  19. Live training: Social Media Strategy
  20. Freelance masterclass: Value-based Pricing 101 with Alec Dudson, founder of Intern
  21. Waste Age: What can design do?
  22. Friday Forum: Through the Looking-Glass
  23. The Collective
  24. Web Accessibility Roundtable: Overlays and Usability