1. WOW Talk: Join the best writers working today to discuss the acclaimed book 'Cut from the Same Cloth?'
  2. Masterclass 2: Creating your brand strategy - taking your brand to the next level
  3. Silent Voice - UK Premiere + Q&A
  4. How to turn your blog into a brand, with award-winning blogger Charly Lester
  5. World Illustration Championships
  6. Masterclass I: What makes a cult brand - how to build your brand
  7. Free Taster course: MFA Craft Editing
  8. Lunch and Learn: How to develop an elevator pitch
  9. Webinar: Pandemic: An Era For New Opportunities by Amazon Product Leader
  10. Webinar: Essentials of a Product Specification Document by Amazon Sr PM
  11. Webinar: How Facebook Runs 10x Experiments by fmr Facebook Product Leader
  12. Webinar: Building ML Products Successfully by Amazon Product Leader
  13. Studio 7 by Cartier – a portrait exhibition
  14. Webinar: Importance of Continuous Learning for PMs by Amazon Sr PM
  15. Live Chat with Facebook Product Leader
  16. Masterclass: Building Brand You – How to identify and develop your authentic brand
  17. Webinar: The Non-PM's Guide to Fostering PM Skills by Amazon Sr PM
  18. Managing Distributed Teams Meetup: Self-Care
  19. Business X Design Virtual Conference
  20. Arts Online Events – Rebalancing Needs
  21. A Slow Fire Burning: Paula Hawkins in Conversation
  22. V&A Dundee – The Absent Voice in Disco
  23. WOW Workshop: The radical love of Black feminist politics, led by Jade Bentil
  24. How To Distribute Film With No Film School