1. BAFTA Cymru Awards: The Sessions - Making a Documentary
  2. Shantell Martin X Ben Sheppee: Conversations with artists
  3. Most Contagious USA – get strategies behind the world’s best campaigns & insights into market trends
  4. Hidden health stories: Learnings from a project on ‘taboo’ health issues
  5. Beatrice Warde Memorial Lecture – 50th Anniversary
  6. Winter Auction 2021 - Private Viewing
  7. Craft Talks with Nexus Studios – 5 sessions featuring the unique voices of Nexus Studios
  8. A Guide to Creating the Ultimate CV
  9. Lunch and Learn: How to grow your business by creating a social media plan
  10. Free Event with Amazon — Kickstart Your Career in Product
  11. Preview: Anatomy of Wings, a powerful documentary + pre-recorded Q&A
  12. Aranya Craft x Rahemur Rahman: Patching stories through stitches
  13. Why Black Media Matters
  14. The Sublime 3.0: Fear and Awe | VR Exhibit
  15. business.connected: 10 things to increase website conversion
  16. The Menders Trade Café
  17. The French Dispatch Exhibition
  18. A Night of Poetry @ The Amersham Arms
  19. Expand: Your Career In Illustration
  20. (Re-)thinking the future: speculation, learnings & long-term visioning
  21. BAFTA Cymru Awards: The Sessions – Creating A Successful Short with makers from The Nest & The Welshman
  22. Free SEO for Beginners, Creatives and Freelancers
  23. Mental Health & Happiness
  24. Web3 - What Do Brands & Agencies Need to Know?