1. Lunch and Learn: Take effective annual leave as a small business owner
  2. Embrace Your Inner Glow!
  3. Embrace Your Inner Glow!
  4. Embrace Your Inner Glow!
  5. Think Forward 2024: Episode 3 - Everyday Fandom
  6. Embrace Your Inner Glow!
  7. Embrace Your Inner Glow
  8. Embrace Your Inner Glow
  9. Xmas Quiz & Marketers Holiday Mixer
  10. Free Masterclass: Utilise AI For Business
  11. Shine bright like a Liotard
  12. Workshop: Fashion Life Drawing
  13. Lunch and Learn: Dan Drury (Looking after your digital reputation)
  14. Set Up Your Business as a Limited Company!
  15. Starting and Building a Career in Software Engineering
  16. Problem solve like a consultant
  17. GEDDY LEE My Effin Life, An evening of conversation including audience Q&A
  18. AI: A cognitive and creative upgrade?
  19. Game Launch: Twice Upon a While with Marina Xenofontos
  20. Tech Hub: Discover how to use AI to supercharge your digital presence
  21. TPF Seasonal Fair & Gathering!
  22. Free Masterclass: How To Generate New Business
  23. Multi-persona Journey Maps: One Map, Many Perspectives
  24. LDN Tech Morning: Careers & Coffee