1. Interaction 101 Workshop with Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley – learn ways to engage with audience/users
  2. Creativity Works: Content Production - Info Session #2
  3. In Focus: Adweek – What’s Next?
  4. BSME Live! with Emma Barnett
  5. The Female Food Revolution with LA's hottest chef Minh Phan & the brilliant author of the award-winning Women in Food, Charlotte Druckman
  6. How to develop your brand strategy with Shope Delano
  7. Exclusive online premiere of Disciples, a film documenting Malaysia’s opposing skinhead scene, with director Jess Kohl Q&A
  8. Sports Day in collab with Hemingway Design! fun day out with nostalgic games, mini-golf, boot camps, breakdancing & more
  9. Nicer Tuesdays: Where do we belong? Explorations of Home – Jamie Hawkesworth & Hannah Buckman
  10. Workshop: Powerful and Effective Copywriting For The Web
  11. Pride chats: Trans & Non-Binary Representation with King
  12. In conversation with UK rapper Enny
  13. Innovation Masterclasses II
  14. Design tokens: Your key to unlocking cross-platform collaboration
  15. Epic Iran
  16. Art Unlocked: The Barber Institute of Fine Arts
  17. Young Artists’ Summer Show 2021
  18. Wearers Rocking their Disabled Bodies
  19. An Evening with Dolly Alderton, 19 July 2021
  20. Reflections on Steve Mcqueen Year 3: Where next for projects with young people?
  21. The Law, Future of work & Coronavirus
  22. Get Started with Digital Advertising
  23. Creativity Works: Content Production - Info Session #1
  24. Cybersecurity: What Leaders Need to Know in 2021