1. Free Intro into Digital Marketing
  2. LIVE LSO Summer Shorts: Naoko Keatley & Zeynep Özsuca
  3. Lone Design Club Panel Discussion | Fixing Fashion | Bedstraw + Madder
  4. XV21 — Bitesize Talks For Big Thinkers
  5. BIMA New Biz & Marketing Roundtable | A New Digital Future
  6. TBD Q3 Meetup - 'Hybrid'
  7. UX Crunch - Evolving Healthcare Through Design
  9. Free webinar: Discover the 4 Key Things You Need to Do In Your New Business To Attract Clients
  10. Launching your Online Store webinar
  11. ISMIS - International Student Moving Image Showcase
  12. Art Unlocked: Inside the y Gaer Museum, Art Gallery & Library
  13. New Perspectives Photowalk – guided London photo walk taking in key sights of London
  14. The Wellness Exchange: Start and grow a wellness business
  15. Product Innovation Series: Ready, Boom, Set! Power Your Onsite Events
  16. FREE: A new solo show by Dave Towers
  17. Shiny Awards X Iris X Preen: Entries Welcome
  18. Defining the leadership & management skills essential for organisational success
  19. Make/Change Not Promises – combat systemic & institutional racism in marketing & agencies
  20. Birmingham Design Festival Conference – a celebration of design, creativity and COLOUR
  21. How to Identify Your Career Potential - Virtual Class
  22. LIVE LSO Summer Shorts: Gareth Davies & Michael McHale
  23. Building your first tech product, a beginners guide
  24. The Flatplan: magCulture’s online magazine masterclass