1. London Design Festival - Jessica Slack Floral Painting Workshop
  2. BIMA Web3 Council | An Introduction to SocialFi
  3. Simran Creative Lab
  4. Community Kitchen Drawing Workshop
  5. Islands Talks: Frith Kerr and Isabel Lea
  6. Intro to Protest Poetry
  7. The business planning tool kit live workshop
  8. Character and Creature Creation Taster Day
  9. Data storytelling using PowerPoint: An intensive four-week course
  10. Keep your family safe online
  11. Lunch and Learn: How to make your content marketing campaigns a success
  12. Golden Slippers Presents: One Night with Tom Mcrae (LIVE)
  13. Unleash Your Website with Wordpress: Mastering Advanced Techniques
  14. London Design Festival - Revival London Sip & Sew Workshop
  15. BIMA New Business Peer Network Roundtable
  16. Yoga at Bureau
  17. TYPOCIRCLE Presents How&How Studio
  18. How to Audit Your Marketing Systems
  19. Positive Impact Marketing Fundamentals
  20. Workshop: The Body Through the Lens
  21. Technical Workshops Tour
  22. Islands Talks: Owen Hatherley and Marianna Janowicz
  23. WritersMosaic presents: Salena Godden, Jacqueline Crooks and Phoebe McIntosh
  24. TV Preview: Otto Baxter: Not A F***ing Horror Story and The Puppet Asylum