1. ’Why I Write: Tales of Creativity and Resilience’ Film Premiere
  2. Goodbye to the cookie and hello to the rise of creativity, high impact and data
  3. Editing a killer portfolio that lands, with Lu Bowan
  4. Ask Me Anything - My Accomplice
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  6. Rye Here Rye Now July
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  8. unbauhaus
  9. #SheMeansBusiness Summer School: Create Instagram promotions in 5 steps
  10. Online Preview
  11. Fashion Talks: The Future of Showcasing
  12. Intro Day - Web Development Workshop and Networking
  13. Intro Day - UX Design Workshop and Networking
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  15. Friday Lunchtime Concert: LSO Soundhub
  16. How to Identify Your Career Potential – Virtual Class
  17. Growing a Community with Mathieu Ajan  
  18. Papier Summer Stories with author Christie Tate
  19. Artist Rae-Yen Song: in conversation with JJ Chan
  20. The Legacy of Charlotte Perriand – panel discussion
  21. PRIDE chats: The History of Pride with Electronic Arts
  22. Right Aligned x DesignStudio
  23. Right Aligned x Drew London
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