1. Lunch and Learn: Create & improve your website with Google Mentoring
  2. Noguchi – An exhibition celebrating Japanese American sculptor Isamu Noguchi
  3. Intertitles book launch
  4. New Date: How To Distribute Film With No Film School
  5. Green Ideas: Climate Justice is Social Justice
  6. Oscar nominee & BAFTA winner Mike Leigh: A life in film
  7. Connect the dots: Crush your team onboarding experience
  8. Crafting Stories in Yoruba Design – preserving heritage & promoting sustainable practice
  9. Make Club — 2 hour session to get creative with the community
  10. Agora Talk 30: Women in Proverbs - Irem Çoban
  11. Leica Akademie Harrods Bespoke – One to One photography at Harrods
  12. Art Unlocked: Imperial War Museums
  13. Conversation w/ Claire Wilcox, author of Patch Work: A Life Amongst Clothes
  14. Va Va Voom: The French TV Boom
  15. Black and British: 30 years of jungle, drum’n’bass
  16. Under the Spotlight with LEGO Group's Julia Goldin
  17. The Greenovation Revolution: How to Make Cities Greener and Fairer
  18. Lessons in Uncertainty: How to overcome the fear & move towards action
  19. Right Aligned Online: In conversation with Studio Output
  20. Right Aligned Online: In conversation with Absolute
  21. In conversation with: Michelle Murray
  22. In conversation with: Studio Blackburn
  23. London Craft Week – Dharma Taylor exhibition
  24. Lux: New Wave of Contemporary Art