1. Light seal workshop and photowalk
  2. The Wellness Haven: Brand Networking Evening
  3. The Bridge: Building Ideas Into Businesses
  4. BAFTA Lecture: Hassan Akkad
  5. Lunchtime Lecture: Stand & Deliver: Desirable Dress Accessories in the Georgian Age
  6. Debrief, Destress, Decompress
  7. Free Content Creation & Strategy Masterclass
  8. Free Google Ads Masterclass
  9. Getting started with The Dots (find work, network, upskill & more!)
  10. Light Seal Workshop and Photowalk
  11. iniva x Afterall Bookshop - Book Launch - Reshaping the Field: Arts of the African Diasporas on Display
  12. Lunch and Learn: Build a business online
  13. Cracks in the Curriculum #5
  14. CEO Fireside Chat: Rosie Ferguson and Amy Lamé
  15. APSCo Insight: The latest UK talent trends report
  16. TPF TALKS x Photobook Cafe with Kenneth Lam
  17. Th Wellness Haven: Morning Serenity Retreat
  18. The School Of Life x Wolf & Badger Summer Social
  19. Art Unlocked: The Priseman Seabrook Collections
  21. Explore: Navigating difficult conversations
  22. Conditions of Living: Home and Homelessness in London’s East End
  23. Workshop with Shinji Toya: Lives of Your Smartphones
  24. TPF Talks x Bureau with Yushy