1. IR35: The new challenges for freelancers & how to handle them
  2. BOOST Showcase & Pitch Session – an in-person event showcasing social impact startups
  3. Collaboration : Six Colours of Natural Wine at the CanteenCollaboration : Six Colours of Natural Wine at the Canteen
  4. Let's discuss... You featuring on the Top 100 Creatives list!
  5. Ask Me Anything - Association of Advertising Producers
  6. Masterclass: Building Confidence & Gravitas
  7. Lunch and Learn: How to sell well on Amazon
  8. The 4Cs of Future Working with Martin Raymond and Lucy Lewis
  9. Free — Kickstart Your Career in Product
  10. Our biggest experiment: A history of the climate crisis
  11. Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs™ [ROUND #4]
  12. Design for Reconnecting – discussing the functional & emotional connections to everyday objects
  13. How to get unstuck in your career – getting you moving forwards and on to better things
  14. The future of the creative gig economy
  15. A masterclass in inclusive creativity
  16. Gerety Grand Jury Insights with Creativebrief
  17. Tackling online hate
  18. #HowWeListen Live: In Conversation with Amber Horsburgh: 'Developing Your Branding & Marketing Strategy'
  19. A masterclass in post-pandemic purpose
  20. Marketing’s role in driving the sustainability agenda
  21. A masterclass in building a satisfying side hustle
  22. She Takes Over: From amplification to action
  23. Webinar: A Product Management Practice for Career Growth by Nike Sr PM
  24. COP26: Designers vs Climate Change – our power as a creative collective