1. Workshop with Jazmin Morris: Storytelling through interactive fiction
  2. Money Mindset: How to Make It, Mind It & Multiply It
  3. Different Assistive Technologies on Offer with Exceptional Individuals
  4. Nicers Tuesdays – Creativity with purpose, with Edel Rodriguez & Sharp Type
  5. Exhibitions from Adam Farah, Phoebe Collings-James & Zeinab Saleh
  6. BIMA Senior Leaders Roundtable – interactive session focusing on your current challenges as senior leaders
  7. All Ears featuring Rachel Reid – freelance 2D/3D character animator
  8. How to strategically elevate your business using wholesale post covid with SBC
  9. Customer Spotlight Series: How Agencies Win With Hopin
  10. 5 Ways of Setting Boundaries Boost Your Energy, Productivity & Focus
  11. Find Your Mindful Way Forward with Georgie & Me
  12. Maintaining a Healthy Headspace in Work: Strategies for the New Normal with Jayson Moran
  13. Design District Creates — Public Launch celebrating the opening of London’s new home for the creative industries
  14. The Penthouse Salon - Private View and Reception Drinks
  15. TALK: Art Direction & Visual Identity with leading design studio OK-RM
  16. hackARThon at Art Basel 2021
  17. Online Course – Iconic Houses of the 20th Century
  18. Who’s that font? Fantastical Fonts with Sarah Hyndman
  19. Tuuli Tea at Rankin Open Studio
  20. How to get your novel published masterclass
  21. hackARThon
  22. How to Resolve Conflict in Your Personal Life & Workplace with The Shine Bright Academy
  23. How to Be Your Best Self with Georgie & Me
  24. Ask Me Anything - Directors Shan Phearon & Somayeh