1. Think big, start small
  2. Hoda Afshar in conversation with Shoair Mavlian
  3. Intro to Instagram Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy
  5. Business X Design Online
  6. Meet & Greet: Marketing & PR
  7. Dating Talk (women only)
  8. Develop Workshop: Building Your Creative Identity
  9. Music Education Islington: Coming Together
  10. Summer Family Activity: Breath
  11. 2022 Solution Challenge Demo Day
  12. Led Rides
  13. Access to Capital and Grants Masterclass
  14. Brand Guideline Design Workshop
  15. Katie Keith, Havas Studios' and 'Trine Pillay, new-land
  16. Filming and sharing a live performance (when live really means live)
  17. Creators Talk
  18. Zaha Hadid: Architecture, Design and Related Arts
  19. Future of P-Leisure: Live Event
  20. What next for my business idea?
  21. BIMA AI Council Breakfast Briefing | How AI Can Make You More Creative
  22. Go and Grow Online: Attract your ideal clients with your LinkedIn content
  23. Entrepreneurship
  24. Intro to Data Analytics